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No lattes! No cinnamon!  Coffee!

Welcome to CrankyOldGeezer.org.  It's just what it sounds like.  Cranky Old Geezers welcome here.  If you're rolling your eyes and saying "Oh, Joy!", well you might as well hit the road now.  It ain't gonna get no better.

If you're still here, you may be asking "Just how do I join CrankyOldGeezer.org?"  You may be familiar with another unnamed organization which begins harassing you to join the second you hit 50.  If you say "No!", you can look forward to years of junk mail begging you to reconsider.  If you say "Yes", you can look forward to yearly dues and a monthly magazine that no one reads. 

We ain't like that.  You join CrankyOldGeezer.org just by being a Cranky Old Geezer.  No meetings, no dues.  If you want a membership card, here ya go. Print it out, fill in your name, cut it out and stick it in your wallet.  You're now a full fledged member, eligible to vote in the unlikely event we ever hold a meeting, and entitled to make submissions to Crankypedia(tm).

Music hath charms to soothe the Cranky Old Geezer.

Yeah, we're on myspace. Eerybody and their pet duck is on myspace. You expect us to be different? Can't say it's worth looking at, though. We ain't put much there yet, and won't gurantee that we ever will. If you think about it for a minute or two, it ought to be simple enough to find us. Don't want to waste any brain cells thinking about it? We don't blame you. Go to myspace.com/crankyoldgeezer. Don't get all cranky at us if there ain't nothing there worth seeing. We warned you.

Want to add something to Crankypedia(tm)? No problem. You can email us at the address below, or you can type something in this form.

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You can go to our myspace page (but there ain't much there.)

Ya wanna email me? I'm Cranky. The website is CrankyOldGeezer.org.
You can probably figure out where the @ sign goes.*

* In case you're wondering, this comes under the heading of crap that makes me cranky. Having to jump through hoops to figure out an email address just to keep purveyors of spam out of my inbox.

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